Who we are

Me:  I am a 34 year old assistant trainer to a big name local hunter trainer.  I have been riding since I was 8.  Married to my husband for 13 years now with a 11 year old son, I consider myself to be somewhat of a "re-rider" that's done a LOT of teaching and NOT a lot of riding!

The Horse:  Roy's Legacy, aka Junior.  I could NOT live with either of those names so he is now "Ricochet", aka Tiki.  In his former glory days as Roy's Legacy, the boy raced a staggering 7 times, winning a grand total of around $1200.  Tiki is otherwise known as Muffin, Squeaky, and Turd brain.

The Hubby:  David, my husband, is woefully NOT a horse hubby.  He is somewhat ambivalent about the whole ordeal, and regularly gives me a hard time about going places, spending money, and borrowing "his" truck to haul "my" trailer.  But don't get me wrong; we have a LOT of fun doing things like going on vacations together! Just not the "horse" thing.:)
The Kidlet:  Kody is my reason for existing every day.  He is the sun, the moon, and the stars.  That kid is the coolest 11 year old in the world.  He LOVES to act; he's ridden a few times, but the one and only time he fell off, he hasn't ridden since.  Because that scared me to death (I STILL have nightmares about that) I don't mind him not riding.  Acting is MUCH safer!


  1. Hi, I'm about to adopt an ottb and I didn't know if you had any advice for the first few weeks. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sarah, sorry, I didn't know you commented! So you've had your horse for about a month now, have you ridden him yet? I taught Tiki to jump in the first few weeks by hopping over a rail road tie with him on the lead rope next to me. I also taught him voice commands. To this day, I can stop him from a dead gallop in a field with only a loud "WHOA!". Please feel free to shoot me an email if you want to chat, or if you have any questions! dakotawyatt2002@yahoo.com