Wednesday, July 25, 2012


EXACTLY one year ago; all 3 bridles gathering dust JUST like today!
I will be riding the Muffin on MONDAY!  I LOVE that horse.  He is just hanging out, chillin'.  Playing with his buddies all night, sleeping away most of the day, lazy slug.  His mane is growing out to a teeny little mohawk, it's adorable!  In the mean time, I'm restricting calories, following the "Couch to 5K" running program, and losing a little weight!  I figure when I put my little punk back to work I can make it slightly easier for him by not being dead weight.  So excited to sit on him again!  I won't know what to do with myself.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sore feet

Exactly 2 years ago

No surprise, Muffin has been footsore since losing 2 shoes.  What's worse is the farrier was supposed to come on Friday but came on Sunday instead:(  Didn't help the red head at ALL.  Also, my back has been HURTING very badly.  Lower back.  Shooting, heat searing, radiating pain.  The thought of riding makes me say, "Uh, NO!".  Luckily, I got to the chiro today and apparently my hurt ankle is what threw my back out of alignment, and I've been worked on.  Got another appt. Tuesday to solidify it, whew!  Watched Tiki run down the hill this morning and he looked better, yay.  That back foot was in bad shape.  I should have snapped a pic of it!

Heading out to Chatt Hills bright and early Sunday morning to jump judge.  This will actually be the first "regular" horse trial I've ever volunteered at.  I've jj at the AEC's for the last 2 years, but never made it out on a "normal" weekend.  Looking forward to it!  I will take a pic of Mr. Handsome tomorrow morning.  He has been out every night in the pouring down thunderstorms and comes in dry, shiny, and pristine looking lol. I don't know how he's doing it!  He seems to be enjoying his break.  He's unconcerned I'm not torturing him right now:)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Not much happening here!

Sorry for the lack of interesting posts!  Tiki has just been hanging out, doing a whole lotta nothing.  That's precisely why I've decided to start a second blog, completely (well, not 100%, because I AM a horse girl!) un horserelated.  I need to find my motivation in my LIFE, not just with regards to Tiki, but for losing weight, being a better person, becoming stronger financially, etc.  I will post the link just this ONCE for my new blog.  I'm not going to lie; the idea of people I know in real life, and through my online dealings reading my thoughts and seeing pics of me in "Extreme makeover; weightloss edition" skivvies makes me feel a little anxious, but that's why I'm putting it out there. To grow.

Muffin currently has TWO missing shoes.  Gee, it was July a year ago when he last lost a shoe, anyone sensing a pattern here?  His rear missing shoe tore off a pretty good chunk of foot, so it's a good thing he's been doing a whole lotta nothing, lol!  Not making any riding promises.  100+ degree heat is NOT my cup of tea, and neither is it Tiki's.  

I will update with more stuff when I have it to say!