Friday, November 13, 2009

First lame steps:(

Well, the muffin man stepped up to the farrier stand sound, and walked away lame:( Farrier swears up and down the horse looks fine, but Joyce and I both noticed right away as he walked away that he was walking stiff legged. Doesn't appear to have a hot nail or anything, but maybe he was trimmed a little too short? Or maybe he jammed his shoulder on the hoof stand because he was acting up while the farrier did the front feet. I don't know. Got on and walked some hills Thursday, and he felt pretty ok, but didn't ride today since Joyce had commented he still didn't look 100%. Oh well, show this weekend, so I'll re-evaluate him Monday. Keep yur hooves crossed for him!


  1. worst fear~ It is the single most reason I don't shoe my mare! Yours is the second lame horse after shoeing, I have read these days in blogland.
    I am justt so paranoid...will stick to hoof boots for now.
    I pray he comes good for you...maybe d=some stretching massage-just in case it was not the shoe!

  2. keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hopefully he will be just fine come monday.

  3. Thanks y'all. My friend suggested an iodine and sugar pack. I'll try that tomorrow and see how he looks.

  4. I am sure it isn't anything major. When I pack a hoof, I use an iodine and epson salt mixture. Hope he gets better !