Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting ready for the end of the year ...

Sooo ... last week was pretty uneventful! All I did with Tiki man was longe him on Wednesday! Haven't sat on him since the hunter pace a week ago! Not good, haha. Despite the cold snap that's moved in to good 'ol GA, I will need to get out and ride Muffin every day this week except for Friday, probably. Like I mentioned, Cap and Tiki will have an IEA show on Sunday, so I don't want to go from zero to one hundred in a week's time! Need to brush back up on our dressage test (haven't ridden it since the trial), and probably hack one day in draw reins to get him to stretch across his spine. I haven't used them in several months, but I think he needs them 4-5 times a year to appreciate NOT having them, lol!:)

Gotten a few new pretties for the boy; got a cob sized figure 8 bridle off ebay that's now sporting the Beval loose ring (Christmas present from Becca!), and will become our Stadium bridle. Put the waterford back on the "ancient" bridle, and am heading out tonight to meet up with Marisa so I can buy her dressage saddle, yippee! Didn't think I would actually have my own dressage saddle before the schooling trial on Saturday; was planning to borrow the Wintec a/p from Patchwork since I can NOT use my cc saddle and my dressage bridle; they SO don't match.;) So anyway ... will try and post a riding update before Saturday, assuming I actually get out there and do what I'm planning:) Wish us luck for Saturday!!!!

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