Sunday, May 20, 2012

Calm, calm, calm

VERY first show!  I was too nervous to ride him, this is my friend:)

Yes, I'm calm.  Nervous?  Yes.  Freaking out?  No:)  My one and only goal is to finish on my dressage score.  Since a "good" score is subjective, I'm not making any wishes as to how low it needs to be.  In the ribbons would be nice, but simply making it double clear in both jumping phases will make me happy!  

This week is to be a week of bathing, clipping and primping.  Cleaning mountains of tack, packing the trailer, and taking Squeaky and Spark Plug to PWF for a little schooling.  Did my trot sets Friday, and they sucked!  That pasture is so hard to work in; the hills are much more steep than in the front pasture, I definitely feared for my life on the downhill canter, lol!  Especially when he tripped at the bottom, eek!  Probably dressage Monday, PWF Tuesday, front pasture trot sets Wednesday, dressage Thursday, ship to KHP on Friday.  I will dose him his Adequan Friday am before shipping over, and hand walk him a bit upon arrival to the show grounds.  Excited!!!


  1. Wow, look how much Tiki has changed since you've had him! He was so lanky and leggy. He is in much nicer form now. All your hard work sure is apparent when you see old photos of him.

  2. Love your header picture!

    Hope this week goes well! :)