Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter break ...

Tiki says Merry Christmas!!

Haven't ridden my boy this week.  Had a lovely lesson with Paul, then have let him sit all week.  Actually WAS going to ride on Wednesday, but I got bitten by Evil Kitty on Tuesday just as I was finishing up.  I mean, BITTEN.  Today is the first day I have been able to type with minimal pain:(  It is the worst cat bite I've ever experienced ... lesson learned!  NO MORE touching Evil.

Today it rained heavily all day (GOOD!)  Tomorrow I have to finish up an IEA show that began last Sunday.  This weekend is getting all cleaned up and ready for our Christmas company, so Thursday is the first day I anticipate sitting on my boy again.

On the up side, I stood on a scale for the first time since I began my weight loss journey, and I'm down 40.5 pounds!  Tiki should feel super!  So happy for my boy's back, and so happy I actually look halfway decent in a pair of riding pants;)

Got a few Dover gift cards, so will be getting Muffin a plain jane single joint loose ring snaffle; just have to find one skinny enough.  Anything else will depend on the final gift card count!  Thankfully, there's not much else I NEED (except a saddle pad, right?  Never mind I have 22 saddle pads and one horse).

Merry Christmas everyone!  Probably won't blog again until after the holiday, so hope everyone stays safe and enjoy your ponies:)


  1. Merry Christmas! What a cute picture!

  2. yikes, be careful with that cat bite, they can get really infected. Might want to see the doc to get the shots for that!

    Have a great holiday!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss, that is amazing! I hope to join you in that venture next year.

  4. L. Williams, thanks so much! Tiki is so photogenic:)
    BeBe, YES! I have had to take pain meds for it every day, I feel like such a wuss:( It's looking ok; I've been soaking it in epsom salt and washing with Dial soap every day. Not worried about it too much yet.
    Lauren thanks! It's been 10 long years at the same (too large) size. I'm happy to have FINALLY gotten it off! Now just to KEEP it off! Good luck to you, I'm always happy to help motivate:)