Sunday, April 7, 2013

Musings, with a healthy dose of reality

I've avoided this post as long as possible.  I'm back from paradise ... and I feel like I've stepped into Hell.  But, my problems can definitely be termed "First World Problems", and for that I'm grateful.  I'll just spit it out ... I'm contemplating putting Tiki up for sale.  Yep, heart broken.  Without going into a bunch of details that aren't anyone's business, my financial status would be MUCH more healthy without a horse on my bill.  I'm stressed, I'm sad, and I feel like crying all the time, but at the end of the day ... my family means more to me than an animal.

I'll advertise him on the free facebook sites first, and I'll consider a lease, but I need an infusion of cash, and I need the horse off my list of bills.  I always thought Tiki would be mine for the next 20+ years:(  Prayers for a small little lottery win would be appreciated.


  1. :( that's not a fun or an easy decision to make. I'm sorry

  2. *hugs* I understand....oh gosh do I understand.

  3. So sorry. I understand, it's a crappy situation :-(