Sunday, July 9, 2017

Church, 'Vettes, and and no rain!

It has been raining ALL week.  David recommended I ride on Wednesday, and I did ... and lost to the rain on the way home!

On the bright side, I'm getting accustomed to the intricacies of handling a motorcycle in less than ideal conditions.  We don't ride in a bubble, have to learn to handle "real world" riding conditions.

We went to church today for the first time since moving to TN.  I can't believe we've let ALMOST a year escape without darkening the door of a church, but to be honest, there's SO MANY churches around here that it's overwhelming to try and randomly pick one.  Some personal circumstances in my life prompted me to somewhat throw down the gauntlet this week, and I said we ARE going to church this week.  Kody recommended the one we went to; come to find out, his good friend's dad is actually the pastor.  It was a great service; a much needed refueling for our soul and our spiritual wellness.

By the time service was over, the clouds had burned off and we decided to head out on a "short" loop.  Headed west out of the mountains for once.  Found us a nice little loop through the farmlands of Loudon and Monroe counties.

We did the "orange" loop into Kingston and back through Lenoir City.  It was awesome!  Did right at 105 miles.  Ran into a huge gathering of nothing but Corvettes.  David did the math, and figured we were surrounded by about 2.5 million dollars worth of vehicles!  We followed the group for a bit; I swear, David kept running off and leaving me, and I wanted to holler at him, "WE'RE NOT DRIVING A CORVETTE", lol.  

Fortunately, they pulled off into a large area where they could park and show off their purtiness, and we went on with our ride at a slightly less brisk clip.

Most challenging part of our ride was 1 or 2 turns where we were practically doing a U turn when making turns.  David managed to find a side road not far from the house that was so skinny, 2 motorcycles would barely fit passing head on.  It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit warm.  I have discovered that I have a dislike of riding in just a plain shirt, whether it's a T shirt or some other type.  I am most comfortable in my mesh jacket because it's long enough in the back that I don't "flash" my buttcrack, and it's heavy enough that it doesn't flap around in the breeze and irritate my skin.

We arrived home uneventfully with me sadly having no plans to ride during the week this week.  Kody has been going to work with me, which means I'm in the car.  I have to take him with me on Wed, which is normally a day he doesn't work, because he has a consult with the oral surgeon just down the street from my office.  David has shown me a short little loop that takes about half an hour that I can do once the baby goes to bed that allows me to stretch Khaleesi's legs a little bit.

I'm at 100 days worth of having my license, and almost 3500 miles logged.  I'd say that's pretty good!  No plans this year to do any epic, 1000+ mile road trips.  We'll have to save up for that and maybe plan something like that next year.  Our ride today was great.  No real elevation changes, just out in the middle of nowhere, country, curvy farm type roads.  There were a few 45/55 mph roads that weren't too inundated with traffic that had a few mild curves in it.  They weren't bad; soon enough, it was back to twists.  We had the 'caution, twisty' sign on many of the 45 mph roads with no slower speed posted on it, so we were able to take the curves at the recommended speed, which I find fun.  I don't mind having to downshift and slow down for some curvy sections, but after a while, that can become tiring because you have to concentrate so hard and be so focused on your lines the entire time.  

Grateful, and thankful to God that we had nice weather today, met some great people at what possibly may be our new church home, and got to enjoy our "wind church" as well ;)

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