Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Ride

I can remember the day I became 'addicted' to riding.  I was 8 years old, and I'd just been instructed on how to mount a horse.  My instructor looked me in the eye once she'd set my feet properly in the stirrups and said, "Now, this may feel weird".  As the aged gray mare took her first steps with me astride, the joyful feeling that overtook my body was one I will never shake.

I still get that thrill every time I settle aboard my bike.  She hasn't been started since December 2nd ... I don't keep her on a battery tender, and we've had several days in the 20's.  She fired right up at the first press of the button ... and we were off!

Time constraints and a need for a rear tire kept us to a minimum ride today; but ANY wind therapy in December is perfect, no matter what.  Our ride took us through Walland to Foothills towards Wears Valley; and then we whipped around and did it back the other way and ended up in Maryville.  The air was crisp but mild and the sky was a deep, cloudless blue.  The growl of my Khaleesi drowned out all other sound, and the breathtaking mountain views calmed any wayward thoughts. 

I have officially hit 10,000 miles ridden during my 2nd year riding with FOUR more months to go!  I'm at 20,020 miles total on my bike.  I'm pretty sure this number will be my goal for the next 6 more years, until Colton is big enough to ride on the back and go with us.  Projected rain the next 2 days, but we're HOPING to have good enough weather to ride up to Bristol on Saturday so I can get my tire.  Everyone is doing a New Year's Day "Frosty Toes" ride, so hoping to be able to participate!

Love my bike, so blessed to have her and to have the ability to ride and spend time w/ my hubby.  We love riding, and can't wait until our next VACATION! 

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