Thursday, November 6, 2008

First ride!

I had to torture my poor husband with 'barn' time. Hubby really likes Tiki, but is just not a horse person in general. He finds all the 'stuff' associated with horses boring. I was 100% going to make sure I was safe, though, because I had NO idea how Tiki was going to be. Would he run, buck, squeal? I didn't know, so I was making sure I had someone with me to make sure I didn't die, lol.

So, I did our usual grooming thing and proceeded to saddle him. I swear he perked up moreso than when I put on the longeing surcingle. I put his bridle on, and my fabu hubby gave me a boost into the saddle. I just sat still while he shifted around a bit. No fireworks, just movement. I did a little practice steering in the small pasture, and he felt very wobbly and non-steerable. I guided him into his usual pasture, and attempted to work an 'arena' like area. He slowly started to "get it", and I got comfortable enough to put my feet in the stirrups. I did a little 2-point, and his head came up in anticipation. Didn't try anything, though. Have I mentioned my horse is dead quiet?

I rode for about 6 minutes or so; at the very end I was just TOO tempted, and just had to see what his trot felt like. I definitely spend the most time on a horse at the trot, so I was praying his wasn't too bad ... I have a very wimpy back. I squeezed, clucked, and finally KICKED and he lumbered up into a slow little trot. It was comfortable, FABULOUS!!! I praised the heck out of him, hopped off, and plyed him with peppermints. My horse is the BEST!!!:)

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