Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back in the saddle again ...

Hey everyone! Gave Tiki man a few days off after his epic gymnastic exercise:) I'm a little sad to report that Wednesday I had the chiro out to give the boy an adjustment, but she was REALLY late and I couldn't stay. Susan was very gracious and came out and held him for her while she was SUPPOSED to adjust him ... yes, I say SUPPOSED to. She calls me and says she isn't even going to touch him because his tense, tight muscles would just pull it right back out of place:( $85 later, I'm supposed to buy some Sore no More and a heating pad, and regularly do that for him until I can afford the exorbinant fee to have some sort of electric stimulation for the muscles treatment, and THEN she can adjust him. Of course, everyone at the barn is all mad on my behalf, but I do see the chiro's point. I guess I'll do the heating pads, have Celeste work on him and massage him in exchange for me riding Mick for her during the week, and see if I can save up a little money to have the treatment done on him. She appeased me by telling me she'd throw in A, B, and C for free next time she comes out; I guess that's my incentive to make sure and get her back out again. After that treatment, we'll see how he feels.

Gave him Thurs and Fri off because that was the original plan, and rode him today after work. He didn't feel super sore to me; he did feel a HAIR off when I first started, but that may be because he's due for shoes today, but got put off until Friday because technically Wednesday is 6 weeks, and a few of the other horses were in worse shape. Hacked him lightly, then cantered around a little course; he gave me a few changes; he did buck through one or 2, but he tried! Warmed up over the cavs, then cantered into a 2'9 3 stride ... he jumped the SNOT out of the jumps, Holy Cow! I actually exclaimed an expletive while he was jerking his knees to his eyeballs. Good boy today ... can't belive the show is only a week away now.

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