Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sad ...

Tiki man lost his first shoe:( Nearly a year of wearing shoes and this is the first one he's flung. He's only had 2 cycles on the back ones and that's one he lost ... left hind. Joyce had a boot to put on that was too small for the other horse that's also missing. It was a little on the big side, but it went on and then stayed on during the ride. I took him into the back pasture and trotted ... for 15 minutes non stop ... up and down hills, in a circle, around the whole perimeter, back and forth. WOW was that hard. After 5 minutes I was dying and he was sweating, but we both pushed through and kept going. Gave him a bath afterwards. REALLY hope the farrier will find the time to come out and tack it back on before Saturday, but if not I guess I'll be putting the boot on and working him tomorrow and Tuesday. Wednesday he's supposed to get adjusted by the chiro, yay, so giving him Thurs and Fri off shouldn't be a problem.

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