Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And the week continues to just improve ...

Sarcasm, unfortunately. Guess who only has 3 shoes. Ugh. And a farrier that really will make an effort to get out to us IF HE CAN. Joyce said he told her he'd be out before Saturday, so I'm praying like crazy he does.

I'm hoping that since the week leading up to this event I've been looking forward to for so long has been pretty crappy, that means Saturday will be the most awesome day EVER!!!!

I had a tough time sleeping the past 2 nights ... felt better today, though. Talked to the owner of the horse that passed in the fire, and she's doing ok. What a wonderful family; my thoughts and prayers are with them. The 14 year old boy that owned the horse is still shell shocked, but wants to continue with his riding, thank goodness.

On the up side, since Tiki was sans a hind shoe, I walked him around the pasture for a whole 10 minutes, then worked up to a full fledged sheath cleaning. I've cleaned him up a little here and there, but I got out the Excalibur and went to town. I cannot believe how nasty it is up in there. I cannot believe how much my horse enjoyed the cleaning, lol! I'm grateful he stood like a rock with a funny expression on his face the entire time. Then, when I grabbed the brush to brush off the saddle mark, he swished his tail and gave me the grumpy face complete with a half hearted cow kick. Muffin makes me smile; he's so quirky.

No matter how bad things have been this week, and how angry I was at trashing my $180 half chaps, I STILL HAVE MY HORSE. He is sound, he is beautiful, and he is his funny, quirky self, and I get to take him to Chattahoochee Hills this weekend and have a wonderful time with friends. I am so grateful for my life, and I just pray for the hearts of the K family to heal from this quick and terrible tragedy. Thank you to everyone that posted kind words on my blog; they're much appreciated.

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  1. *hugs* Saturday IS going to be awesome Jen, especially after this week. If it doesn't look like your guy will make it out, see if Chattahoochie has a farrier onsite, I know I've had to do that before, my last horse thought pulling shoes in the trailer WITH bells and shipping boots on was an absolute hoot...