Thursday, August 26, 2010

motoring along

We have FINALLY had a bit of a break in the opressive GA heat, thank goodness. I'd noticed after our xc schooling Saturday that Tiki's left front shoe had slid to the side a little bit. It was still tight, just off center a hair. He trailered home no problem, then Sunday I was back to Chatt Hills for my student to do some jumper classes. Monday I didn't go out to the barn because I had some stuff around the house to take care of, so Tiki man got 2 days off.

Tuesday the farrier was out for his normal shoeing visit ... good thing. Tiki's shoe was SERIOUSLY sideways. Eric shod him behind with clips, which seem to help. His front foot wasn't in horrible shape, thankfully. I had wanted to hack Tiki or something Wednesday, but just didn't have time because I had a few extra things on my list from Joyce to do. Sooo, today was the first time I've ridden him since Saturday. Not exactly ideal, but doing what I can!

Had a dressage lesson today. The boy was pretty decent; a *little* pissy at times, lol. He likes a day of light hacking after a few days off before I really ask for hard core flat work, but he needs to learn to deal! I was sitting up a little better, and Susan didn't harass me about my wrists or forearms, which means I'm doing better on those. She had us warm up with spirals in and out; shose were OK. I confess; I do practice lots of circles, but not so many spirals. Maybe we should spiral a little more;) Ran through our BN test B. Technically, the test was very correct. What I need to work on is really showing HIM off. His trot was a little choppy, our canter not pulled together, his body not perfectly straight. Let him drift through the final 10 meter half circle to the halt and salute. Practiced our canter transition on the circle, then downward to the trot, and got that looking super nice. Ran through the test again, and it was loads better. I need to remember NO hunter posing during the dressage test; I need to lead with my belly button and think about lots of half halts to keep him light and slow enough. Gee ... I was chasing him too much at the trot, imagine that.

Tomorrow he'll feel like a different horse. Cowboy dragged the ring tonight, so tomorrow I will do some jumping exercises I've been doing at patchwork. Figure 8's over a single jump. 2 jumps 3 strides apart on an offset line, working on lining them up on an angle, and a serpentine of jumps on a tight 3-4 stride line. That's the plan; I'll report back on whether we stuck to that plan!

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