Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joining the fray ...

... of Christmas well wishers! Merry Christmas everyone! It has been a fantastic and beautiful Christmas. We are healthy, happy, and blessed to be able to provide our son with enough gifts to make his entire year:) Now just spending time with the family at our house, and staying bundled up against the possible GA snow!

My fabulous boss gave me "101 Dressage exercises". I've already thumbed through, and have found about 10 exercises I want to try during Tiki's first week back, lol;)

Nicole and Becca contributed and coordinated a gift from my IEA team; an Ovation 5 point breastplate! It is so beautiful:) Luckily, it fits him perfectly:) The sad thing is when I was trying it on him, and adjusting the buckles, when I pulled the strap through the keeper, the keeper broke! Bummer. Luckily, the bp came from SmartPak, so I will call them Monday and I'm sure they will just send me a label and have me ship it back so they can replace it. Super excited either to go schooling, or do a schooling show so I can use it!

Joyce gave me the halter I've been wanting for 2 years but have been too cheap to buy! A lovely Perri's leather black padded halter with silver chrome hardware. It looks fantastic on him; once the plate is put on, I need to take a super gorgeous pic of him before I really USE it on him, if ya know what I mean.

January ... my own trailer ... enough said!

Very blessed and happy. Just sitting around and eating lots and lots of food today. Probably the same tomorrow. Back at it Monday. Ride Tiki Jan 5th for the first time. Yay! Pic is of him modeling his new navajo pad and his breast plate. And yes ... I tacked up my horse FULLY so I could get a good pic of him. Too bad the pic is so bad! Again ... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year y'all!:)


  1. I have an OTTB myself, and it is great to read about other's experiences.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. ^ Agreed. I've just spent the last three days catching up through the blog since 2008. What progress the two of you have made! Good job. :)

  3. Aww, thanks y'all. I love blogging about my boy; helps ME keep track of our progress, too!