Friday, December 31, 2010

It's that time again!

Another New Year:) So happy to have less than a week before my boy's break is over, yippee! He got new shoes today, so perfect timing for his return. Got a few goals to put out there; we'll see how many we achieve.

1. Monthly lessons. I want to do 6 with my boss (Janet), and 6 with her jumper trainer friend, Heather Ray. I want to throw a few additional in there when I can with Susan, Gigi, and Mary Bess as well. Those will happen as I have the time/$$. But I NEED to commit to a more regular program of lessons, and I'm figuring once a month can happen.

2. We need to improve our dressage. I will work harder and be more disciplined about making him keep his frame. I let him "bounce" around too much and not go on steady, consistent contact. I think I need to make sure I ride him with the dressage whip so he goes forward enough.

3. The BNT clinic I do this year needs to be a BN event trainer. I'm hoping I can find a Becky Holder clinic to go to. If not her, then maybe Stephen Bradley (or someone else super awesome that's clinicking not too far from me, lol!)

4. Want to go schooling at a few different farms; Poplar and Pine Top at the LEAST.

5. A recognized BN outing at Poplar.

6. A "schooling" series going out for POINTS, yay!:) (probably Oxer Farm)

7. A combined training event at Novice

8. Volunteer again for AEC's

So, that's it. I'd REALLY like to get the muffin on Adequan. Still haven't bitten the bullet and just BOUGHT it. It's just so pricey to get started; as soon as I have the disposable $$, I will go there.

Up top pic was taken the first week I owned Tiki. Look how SCRAWNEY he was! What a difference:)


  1. Did Becca tell you about the Legend that I have for you?

  2. She said you have a few doses you were wanting to sell ... is that right?