Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Month long break ... OVER!:)

Yay for the pony FINALLY being back to work today! He reacted EXACTLY how I suspected he would, lol. Got him out to remove his blanket and brush him; he was touchy and nippy, as usual. Tacked him up with the dressage bridle and the surcingle; took up the dressage whip and actually did a little bit "in hand" work for the first time. Marched forward, halt, then march back, engaging the hocks and working on promptness. TOTH, repeat. Then, I worked on bending his nose into his side; definitely more flexible on the left side. Spent about 5 minutes on that, then warmed him up. PERFECT and gentlemanly at the walk. Crack the whip, say "trot", and airs above the ground! It was so cute. After he came back to earth, he did some LOVELY w/t/w/t transitions both directions. Then the canter; as soon as I cracked the whip and uttered the words, I got the leap and SQUEAL:) He is so predictible, lol. Did some cross canter, some counter canter, some flat out running, then settled in and did some good w/t/c/t/c/t/w/c etc. transitions. He looked really good. Sound, fresh, and ready to get back to work! Tomorrow I will do a super light hack in the waterford, then hills Friday. Can't WAIT to actually RIDE him again, woo hoo!!:)

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