Friday, January 14, 2011


So ... I have NOT ridden the muffin man since Friday. It snowed Monday, and we have been iced in ever since! Didn't teach lessons all week, but I will be coaching my other IEA team this weekend. Hope the roads are ok! The ones around my town are good, but I've been hearing reports that some of the roads elsewhere can be a little sketchy.

Muffin got his annual shots and his Coggins pulled today. Poor boy. At least he will have the weekend to recover. Rain is supposed to come in Monday, but at least temps are supposed to get up above 29, woo hoo! Probably won't trailer out to Patchwork Monday since I haven't done more than a light hack with Tiki in 5 weeks. Had hoped to have a nice full week this week in preparation, but that didn't happen, so will probably postpone the lesson for a few weeks.

Sorry I have nothing more to report! Hopefully I'll have a good blog post on Monday:)

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