Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maybe this one will work ...

Posted an update yesterday, but somehow, Blogger ate it! I am So Sore. Like, crazy sore:) Remember how I'd said we would probably postpone our trip to Patchwork to lesson with Janet? Yeah, well, we didn't postpone. Nicole and I shipped our fresh little ponies to the barn and had a lesson.

Tiki man hasn't jumped since December 5. Since that time, he had one hack, and one hill session. Considering these facts, the lesson went surprisingly well. We spent too much time on trying to get Tiki in front of the leg, and go big but slow. He was very much resembling a tense sewing machine, which is just what happens when he's fresh. So, I fought with that for about half an hour, and finally he did settle in ok. Jumping was exactly what I'd planned to do on Friday; gymnastics!

It was a simple 3 trot poles to a crossrail, one stride to an oxer. He did GREAT with the jumping. My timing was a little off, but even I wasn't that bad. The gymnastics were perfect, and the final time through felt REALLY good. Overall, a good day I'd say. He needs a clip job and a bath, but other than that, is in a great weight.

Janet really thinks that if I were to get his hocks injected, I would have a different horse. She is pretty sure that he would be so comfortable, he would just do an amazing job. I'm going to have him evaluated; the vet is supposed to come out and do some mainenence stuff on some of the horses, so I will have him flex and check the boy. Sigh ... why do horses have to cost so much $$???

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  1. Haha, story of my life. My trainer and I were just having a similar conversation and it's not in the piggy bank at the moment.

    I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while, and pointed my readers to it with an award on my blog! Check it out: www.tuckerthewunderkind.blogspot.com Enjoy!