Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ride wrap up

So, we know that Monday was a pretty good lesson day for my boy. Tuesday, I could barely make myself get to the barn to clean stalls, much less RIDE! Wednesday, I made myself get on (I was STILL sore!). Decided to ride in the dressage saddle. I FINALLY got to practice some of the exercises I've been making my kids do. One of them was working walk to SLOW sitting trot. That went ok; He hates to walk on contact, as we all know. The slow sitting trot was great; the working walk not so much. That exercise is one that will have to get progressively better. Without y'all really SEEING me ride Tiki, it's hard to explain how he gets. It's like he gets jiggy, and he avoids contact by tilting his head and opening his mouth. He doesn't stretch through his topline and really bend around my leg. That's my goal with him this year. A true topline, and coming through from behind.

The other exercise was 8 m circle at C, track on the rail to B, reverse, back to C, 8 m circle, track on rail to E, repeat. This one worked better. I concentrated on trying to keep him in front of my leg and coming softly into my hand, and really using both legs to get him to bend correctly. I repeated it probably 6 times, and by the end it felt pretty decent.

I then did a really simple exercise. Halt for 5 seconds, track once around ring at walk, halt 5 seconds; trot 2 laps, halt for 5 seconds; canter 2 20 m circles, halt. This one was just working on patience and taking my time.

The only canter I did was the 2 20 m circles each direction, and it felt pretty good. It's hard for me to stay sitting in my saddle; I want to pop out and do a hunter perch. So, I feel like I did a fair job sitting down the whole time and keeping him moving with impulsion.

Thursday was a longe day; he did great until the final canter circle, and he exploded. It was pretty cute, haha:)

Friday was just a repeat of Wednesday. I did the same exercises, worked on suppleness, forwardness, and did an ok job. He still doesn't feel like he did before his break, but then, I'm not expecting him to yet. I rode with my friend Becca, and he's always a little up tight riding with another horse. We need to continue to ride with other horses as much as possible so he GETS OVER IT. Our dressage warm up will always be in a crowded schooling ring. We will NEVER have a decent test if we can't relax around other horses.

I did an exercise I've done before of 20 m circle at the canter, reverse, counter canter, reverse, 20 m circle, reverse with a flying change. The change is sticky, I was popping up out of my saddle, and he got a little heavy towards the end. He did it though! Tiki can definitely hold a counter-canter. We'll work on that one some more:)

This upcoming week, I will do some work on gymnastics. Not sure what else because I hear they're predicting more SNOW, UGH!!!!:(

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