Sunday, January 30, 2011

First ride after the lube job;)

(above pic is a body shot from the other day. Compare to a few posts below where I re-posted my 2008 recap. BIG difference in the body!)

It was a GLORIOUS weekend in good 'ol GA. 70's and sunny!:) That is my ideal weather; I could live in this weather year round, EASY! I was told that Tiki man was QUITE the crazy man in his turnout yesterday; felt REALLY good:) Hopped on, and set to walking. Walked both directions, then cantered in 2-point. NO swappies, NO 'lightness' in the hind end, and he actually wasn't trying too hard to fall in. Once I came into the trot, I couldn't FEEL a huge difference. One BIG factor is the fact that we've finally had about a week with no rain, a few days of sun, so now the ring is back to dry and hard.

What I DID feel, is that he had a real willingness to actually BEND around my inside leg. Remember how I was saying in an earlier blog that often times, his hind end sort of trails out behind him, and he doesn't track up behind and really wrap around my leg. Today, I felt a real willingness for him to track up behind and NOT get short strided and stiff through the corners. He was on a LONG rein, and I did a handfull of transitions, but not a ton. Got his leads no problem, I was able to sit the canter and he didn't get tailswishy. I'd say day one is a success:)

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