Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home before the storm ...

Well, made it home to GA just in time for snow, ice, and general mayhem. We had a LOVELY time on our trip; everything went smooth as glass. Arrived in Panama City Beach around 6ish, checked into our hotel (RIGHT on the beach:)), then went to find some food. Ended up at a Red Robin hamburger joint, and it was quite yummy:) Secured dessert from the Great American Cookie Company, then headed back. Went out for a quick walk on the beach where we acertained that it was cold when the wind blew, and neither the pool or the hottub were hot. Bummer. Went to bed, then ended up waking up an hour earlier than we intended because ... oh, that's a long story;)

Headed over to Ocala, thinking it would be around 2:30 before we arrived. GPS said it would be more like 11:48. COOL! Coordinated with the sales guy, stayed on track, arrived at 11:48 on the dot, and right away saw my trailer sitting right up front with a "sold" sticker on it. *GRIN* Took my first look at it, and impressions are that it's been sitting for awhile. Inside smelled musty, but in good shape. Paint is not chipped, but it is dull. Wheels have a little bit of rust, and the rear lug nut covers are gone. Some baked on tape residue from the for sale sign that had obviously been taped to it. But the trailer seems to be sound, pulled like a dream, and all the lights work.

Got to Jekyll Island right around 2:30. Stopped into the visitor's center, and spent about 20 minutes talking to the lady; got a lot of GREAT information, and decided on a hotel. Drove straight there, checked in, then took bicycles for a 10 mile trek around half the island. Kody did SO good! He has NEVER biked that far, and David and I haven't ridden bikes the entire time we've been together (14 years). It was absolutely lovely. Towards the end, we were all sort of dying, and Kody definitely needed some encouragement, but we made it back to the hotel, parked the bikes, then hoofed it next door to a local restaurant. Had a fantastic dinner, then walked back to the room (which was VERY nice and personable) and headed out to the heated pool. Um, pool was NOT heated, haha. So headed over to the heated hot tub ... and thank goodness, that WAS heated. Stayed in for about 30 minutes, then retired to our room for the night.

Got the trailer safely home and parked in the driveway, and now sitting tucked in at home awaiting the snow/ice storm about to hit GA. I think Tiki will NOT be having a dressage school tomorrow;)

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  1. Its gorgeous Jen! Glad you all had fun! We're buried in snow up here but it sure is pretty!