Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moving forward:)

I was skimming back through some of my earliest blog posts, and stumbled across this one:

It was my wrap up of 2008, January of 2009, 2 years ago. My, how far we've come! We've achieved all of those goals. We're jumping consistently around 2'6, with aspirations to move up to a nice, consistent 3'. We have a lead change (sometimes!), and I can trail ride the Muffin on the buckle. Our flatwork has turned into dressage work, and we do a pretty decent job at it. He has turned into my heart horse, and as I look to the future, I see him happy, fit, and competing at training level. SO thankful for what I have in him; I just have to thank God for allowing me to have this wonderful animal in my life. Thanks to everyone that reads this blog; I really enjoy keeping a record of my horse's progress:)


  1. How great-I hope to be able to say the same in a couple of years:) I never could keep a journal for any amount of time, but I can blog! Awusome job with the Muffin:)

  2. It is so good to see that an amazing thoroughbred has a great trainer and owner and friend. My boy is barely starting, and I hope that in two years I can blog a similar thing! Until then, its back to the flatwork! Sometimes it seems like I'll never get to consistent jumps, not with a bum knee and a green horse lol. Keep it up!