Sunday, November 13, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

 (doesn't even LOOK at this any more!)
(Whoopsie.  First fall!)

Well, just got home!  The left coast is quite an amazing beast.  I've never been further west than Alabama in recent memory.  I spent a week in Colorado with my good friend in Middle School, but that was a L O N G time ago, and the most I remember is the amazing Rocky mountains.  I've been dying to go back and take the hubby with me, and they did NOT disappoint:)

It has been an eventful 2 weeks.  My team's IEA show is coming up this Sunday, and so far not one single entry.  Nice.  Literally the day before our trip, the transmission in the truck went out.  Are you KIDDING me???  Hubby and I can NOT live on one car; we each drive an hour to work one way in opposite directions; one car is NOT an option.  Not to mention the fact we'd just spent $1100 on plane tickets to Las Vegas.  Who has $2K to spend on a transmission?  Uh, NOT me!:(  The only reason we made the LV trip is because my sister decided she needed a Marilyn Monroe themed wedding, and where else to find THAT but Las Vegas?

So, we limped the truck to the Mechanic's and headed out to the left coast to try and drink, gamble, forget about the truck for a few days.  Lol seriously, I spent $2 on slots, and didn't drink a single drop of alcohol.  My self restraint amazed even ME!:)  So, no big gamble means no big pay out, but oh well.  Our day trip to Bryce Canyon in Utah was worth the trip, absolutely!  What a gorgeous, amazing, breathtaking place.  Snow on the ground, mountains AND grass, and pure, breathtaking beauty.  On the drive back to Vegas, we hit a deer.  SERIOUSLY???  It tore UP the rental car.  Like, ripped the sheet metal off the quarter panel, broke the headlight assembly, busted the coolant holder ... it was undrivable.  3 hours later, our car rental company had arranged for a replacement vehicle, and we were able to then drive the 3 1/2 hours back to Vegas for the Big Day.

Won't be riding the red headed monster at least for tomorrow and Tuesday because we still have no truck.  The mechanic seems to be MIA, so not sure how hubby is going to work tomorrow, but it will probably involve me having to do some driving:(  When it rains it pours, right?  Not thinking a whole bunch about the pony right now.  I have a LOT on my mind with the truck and the show and the holidays coming up.  Dressage lessons just aren't that important when you have to figure out how to come off $2K for a new transmission and still make your mortgage payment and your vehicle payments.  Oh!  And buy groceries, pay your electric bill ... you get the pic.  Things will get better, they always do, but until then it's just stressful.  I will report back when I get in some riding time.

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