Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feels like forever ...

Since I've posted anything!  Mon-Wed, I get home around 8:30, and I have just been TIRED.  I fall asleep very quickly on the couch, much to the poor hubby's dismay. Got some non-horsey stuff coming up in the next few weeks.  Tuesday we leave for Las Vegas, NV for the FIRST time ever!  My 23 year old sister (who does live here in GA) is getting married there, so me, Hubs, and Son are flying out Tuesday night at 8:00.  We arrive home on Saturday.  I then have a week to be home, and it's time to prepare for the IEA show that MY team has to put on.  So far, it's been a nightmare and I will be SO glad when it's over.

The week of Thanksgiving, we are getting out of town for the first time in our lives and spending a long weekend in Jekyll Island.  We spent a little time there in Feb when I went to Ocala to get my trailer, and decided a little mini vacation would be super fun, so there ya have it!  We'll be gone from Wednesday through Sunday, can't wait.

Red headed pony has been a good boy.   Nicole moaned over his inability to potty under saddle in her final "pony swap" ride:  Bad pony go potty!  I will do a separate post on my final Sparky ride; I hopped on today bareback and in a halter, and it was a fabulous ride.  He is like sitting on a PILLOW!

I was sort of "Meh" about the show this weekend.  He warmed up fantastic, it was a beautiful day, and the flat classes went much better.  Ear plugs are a good thing with him, for sure.  His first jumping kid let him get a little quick, and it was just down hill from there:(  I SWEAR, my horse is NOT hard to ride!  These kids just don't have a clue how to sit softly and use their aids effectively, which is sad because 2'6 riders are supposed to be capable of jumping around 3'3+ on their usual mounts at home.  If these kids are jumping that high regularly, I am SCARED:(  Oh well, my goal is to make sure my horse has a sense of humor.  It's certainly developing, each and every IEA show!

Rode today and had a blast.  The first of the week he was just hanging out; Sunday was a big day for him.  He is such an amazing horse; I am SO proud of how far we've come!

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