Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have 'that' horse ...

the one with the NECK!  Woo Hoo:)  3 years of hard work has finally paid off.  The ear plugs worked GREAT, and he was much improved this weekend.  Jumping was again most excellent, and he was much quieter during the flat classes.  MVP for sure.

Yesterday off, and today I decided to put him in the dressage saddle and work in the mare's back 15.  Last time I did that I was riding with Nicole and Sparky and he was a horrible turd brain.  Today, we worked back and forth along the fence line and did a w/t/c, shoulder-in, and some leg yields.  He was GOOD.  Very, very good.  I was super proud.  He was steady and well behaved and I was happy with him.

As I walked out the gate, I realized that Tiki is now "that" horse with a gorgeous neck.  It has a topline, it has an arch, and it made me happy:)

Today's Tip of the Week; brought to you by Me
When putting hay in a hay net, first put it in a 5 gallon bucket, like one of the Home Depot paint buckets.  Place net over the bucket, dump hay in, easy as pie!  If YOU have a tip or trick, please e-mail me at dakotawyatt2002@yahoo.com

Hope everyone has a great week!  Hope to get in some nice rides this week; got a good start so far:)

Couldn't resist.  This pic I took today and it cracked me up!


  1. Hi Jen,

    I remember coming to your blog those couple years ago and seeing Tiki when you first got him. You have done such a great job with him! I hope you have given yourself major pats on the back. He really looks lovely. And of course is the picture of a happy horse all snuggled snoozing in his stall! Wishing you continued happiness with your man.

  2. You guys have made so much progress :)!

  3. Thank you so much! My boy makes me happier than just about anything else.:) He is one amazing ottb; makes me want a barn full of them.