Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maybe getting back into the swing of things?

(the boy at an IEA show 2 years ago with a 'Varsity Open' rider)

Maybe there's the possibility that I'm FINALLY able to do a few things before year's end?  God willing?  I went with Susan (dressage trainer I lesson from every few months) to watch her ride in a Gigi Nutter clinic (BN dressage trainer based here in GA).  I ALWAYS learn something when I watch; Gigi has this amazing eye, and  a sixth sense that I imagine all the BNT's have when it comes to getting through to a particular type of rider.  I FINALLY got to really watch LOTS of lateral work.  Basic lateral work, which is what I need work on.  

I learned that a half pass is a shoulder-in.  And a haunches-in.  At the same time.  

I learned a pirouette is a half pass on a circle.

I love that dressage REALLY is just a progressive exercise.  That's why I've had trouble trying a half pass; my horse doesn't have a very good haunches-in.  My canter cue is too similar to the cue to a h-i (identical, in fact), so I need to change my canter cue.  Homework!  And I didn't even have to spend MONEY!  Not even for GAS!  This is what I love about my sport:)

I will work on a few things and take a lesson from Susan next Thursday.  It's been awhile, and I feel it's time for a good booty kicking.  Speaking of booty kicking, the Saturday following next Thursday I will be hauling out to Calimar for a xc lesson from Mary Bess Sigman!  Yay!  Now, I love dressage as much as the next person, but I'm not NEARLY as excited about my dressage lesson as I am for my xc lesson.  It's been over a year; I last rode with Mary Bess last September ... that's the ONLY time I've ever had any type of xc instruction, so I hope I've come a long way and made some good progress.

Speaking of progress, here is the link to honorary little sis' blog about her ride on the Tiki Muffin:

Let's see, what's happened?  Monday he had off since little sis rode him Sunday.  What did I do Tuesday?  Oh!  Right, nothing because I went to Gigi.  Duh.  Yesterday I did trot sets.  I haven't done them in a fairly long time, so I patted myself on the back.  Dude ... my back was KILLING me.  Thank goodness the pony decided not to trip and fall on his face (literally) this time.  He was a teeny bit rotten, but not bad at all, yay!  Slow and tiny strided at first, I popped him with my crop once or twice, and he got better.  I let him stride out into a full on gallop; not a xc gallop, but a GALLOP.  He actually swapped out his lead so he could "kick it in" to gear.  Fun, fun, yay for nice flat pastures with good footing:)

Tomorrow I'm riding Sparky in my own Project Pony Swap, and will throw Tiki man into the dressage tack one more time for a good schooling before the IEA show this Sunday.   Looking forward to seeing my red head cart around some kidlets, and excited about warming him up:)

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