Sunday, October 16, 2011

Calimar video

Jen and Tiki XC schooling

I think I'm riding so much better than I did at the Mud Creek show.  Also, I'm riding much better than I did a little over a year ago, schooling at Chatt Hills.  You can see the difference in both me and my horse:)  Nice fall, huh?  Lol.


  1. woohoo into the water! i hope my horse will do it :) we just got to where he will willing go in the water without a lead...progress is progress, right?

  2. TOTALLY! 3 years ago, Tiki just SHUT DOWN at a big water puddle on a trail ride. Spurs, crop, voice, NOTHING was getting him in that water. My barn owner came over and literally DRUG us through the water puddle. Now look where we are! All it takes is time and patience:) You'll get there!