Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cleaning like crazy!

I hate it when company comes over.  That means a deep clean on the hacienda. I am more of a "surface" cleaner, not so much a CLEANER.  I guess if friends came over more often, my house would be cleaner and it wouldn't need to be DEEP cleaned so much!:)

IEA show Sunday.  Warm up starts at 6:30, so shipping over on Saturday afternoon.  It's at Chateau Elan, which used to be a big show venue for local and "A" rated GHJA shows.  As of late, it's been allowed to go a bit downhill which is sad, but it's still a nice place to show.  I'm going all out: ear plugs, ear net, and his stadium bridle complete with wonder bit and figure 8.  We'll see how he does!

Got a PLAN, woo hoo!  Dressage clinic with Gigi Nutter on the 13th.  Super excited!  Guess I'd better clean the dust off the 'ol dressage saddle and practice some, huh???

Haven't ridden because the Son has been throw up sick which means he's been at home:(  And now I have to get ready for the weekend and for "company" to come over tomorrow, so pony has been braving the rain and the cold in his stall for the most part.  At least he's been dry!

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