Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Of abscesses and best laid plans.

So, it's common knowledge that I haven't planned anything with Muffin lately outside of IEA shows.  I FINALLY planned a Gigi Nutter clinic, despite the fact that I haven't ridden or schooled him very much lately.  But I was prepared to do my best and learn something.

Sunday he was at the Chateau Elan show where he was ridden in 2 whole classes; one 2' class and one flat class.  He then proceeded to sit all week due to rain (and laziness).  Yesterday, I decided that I'd better make sure all is well in the world, and went out to the pasture (GRRRRR) to get him.  Lo and behold, he was trotting across the way and there was a definite head bob.  Sh!+.  I told myself that maybe it was my imagination, and proceeded to groom him thoroughly, pick his feet, run my hands all over his body looking for ANY abnormalities, then put on the surcingle.  I went ahead and did my "cheap Pessoa rig" by tying a standing wrap to the rings on the surcingle just above the hocks, and led him up to the ring.  I could see he was off at the WALK:(  Trotted him both ways to confirm, but he was definitely head bobbing lame.  Seems to be right front.

Soaked, wrapped, and repeated today.  Will re-evaluate tomorrow.  Obviously no Gigi clinic today.  Merry Christmas to me.


  1. Isn't that always the way? Hope he gets better quickly.

  2. Grr, those are nasty! I hope it draws out QUICK!

  3. Jae, SO much better! I will post an update after I finish my dinner:)