Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rain, cold, and more rain

Exactly one year ago; popped splint.  Glad to not be dealing with THAT!

Well ... it's been a week since I've posted because I haven't sat on my boy AT ALL!  It's been raining all week long, MISERABLE:(  LR was able to ride Sunday and Monday, dressage of course.  He was super stiff on Sunday, no surprise.  LR worked him through it and ended up well.  Monday he was WAY better, and she had a nice, productive ride.  I hit him with 3 cc's of ace, and she pulled his mess of a mane, lol.  The weather is going to be HORRIBLE tomorrow and Friday, but I need to go ahead and fully body clip him because I'm not going to have time Mon-Wed of next week, and we leave to head south to PP on Friday.  Don't want to wait too long because I want to have time to touch stuff up if I need to.  I will just double up on the blankets if I need to.

He's ready.  She's ready.  Hopefully the weather cooperates SLIGHTLY this upcoming week so I can keep him loose and ready to go.  Already mentally packing the truck and trailer; dropped the trailer off yesterday to get some maintenance on it.  Picked it up today!  Excited about the horse trial, can't wait to see PP up close and to walk the xc course.  I know Muffin will rock it out!

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