Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It's almost time!  And of COURSE the muffin decided to injure himself, he wouldn't be normal without maiming himself in some way days before a competition.  Ever since his splint injury, he has been turned out/ridden/longed in some sort of protective leg wear 100% of the time.  This bloody injury occurred outside of the protective boots, on the OUTSIDE of the pastern.  How???  Sigh.  Fortunately, no heat or swelling and he moved completely sound on it, so I will just keep an eye for the next few days.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a 100% chance of rain/thunder storms AND 70 degrees, so I'm planning to do his body clip tomorrow.  I've been doing the "grunt work" this week.  LR rode on Sunday and had a nice ride in the dressage tack.  Monday I spun him on the longe line.  Well, that's too light of a word.  I really worked him pretty good!  Lots of transitions, lots of swipes with the whip to get him walking ON, and back and forth between all 3 gaits.  I tightened up the side reins pretty good, and kept him working hard until he came down and settled into the contact.

Today I did trot sets, but because I was "interrupted" by a phone call, I trotted for 18 minutes straight, 9 tracking left, 9 tracking right.  At 18 mins on the dot my phone call ended, so I did my 2 mins of canter right, then turned around and went right back to it left.  He felt so amazing, it was a good day:)  I feel SO good being more fit.  If you read back through the blog, trot sets typically kill me!  Today, I didn't feel so much as a twinge in my back.  It was like I wasn't doing anything at all. Cold hosed that booboo and determined the wound to be about thumb sized, but NOT a puncture.  Poured some HP on it, then gooped it up with an antibiotic cream, and will prepare to bathe him first thing in the morning.

Tomorrow it will rain, Thursday I plan to hack him in the ring in draw reins.  Friday we ship south!  Ride times are 2 something and 4 something on Saturday, then 2:30ish on Sunday.  XC on Sunday.  Can't wait!  Check back in for the course walk!

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