Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally home, and finally rode!

Feels like FOREVER since I've written a blog! Got home Tuesday at 10:30, and saw the boy Wednesday when I went to the barn to clean stalls. He LOOKED like I hadn't touched him in 2 weeks; I can't believe how incredibly DUSTY he was, lol. Went out today, and drug my 6 year old son with me so he could take some pics.:) Of course, I planned to longe first since it had basically been 2 weeks since I rode. He was, as usual, dead quiet on the longe line. He did show quite a spark when I led him out of the barn down to the pasture; he seemed HAPPY!

Anyway, spent about 5 useless minutes trying to get him to expend some energy and it just. didn't. happen. Decided to go ahead and hop on, and I felt right at home.:) Walked in 2 point to warm up, then trotted. The biggest thing I felt today was the fact that his back was not up. He was tripping very frequently, his head was up in the air, and I could feel his hind end wasn't fully engaged. Worked on backing, and he does it wrong; hollows his back and sticks his head up in the air. Definitely need to work on that; it will help him learn to round and rock back on his hocks. No buckiness or head shaking today; just the tripping and the lack of fitness (which totally makes sense).

Trotted and cantered over poles; he did well with that. Took a few tries to get the right lead, and he swapped out right before he cantered the pole. Trotted back and forth a simple 2' vertical, then cantered it once. He was quiet and sensible about it, and hopefully I can get to the back pasture in a few days to do some hills to get that hind end under him, and build some back muscle. Hopefully can get my custom saddle in June, after a week of summer camp. Still making do with the Wintec; still seems ok for right now. Hopefully, I can ride this weekend, and update again!

Had an awesome time this week. Got off the ship in Panama, and turned around and got right back on. We swam and enjoyed the water slide that day.:) Took a taxi in Costa Rica around the city, then rode a small boat down a little canal and enjoyed seeing crocs, iguanas, egrets, sloths, and monkeys. Did a shore excursion in Belize, and rode a zip line through the rain forest, then rappelled down into a cave. VERY awesome! Belize was my favorite port. Next time, we'll do Panama again and do a shore excursion since the area we docked (Colon) was so unsafe. Overall, had a GREAT vacation, but I'm glad to be home riding my horse.:)


  1. Welcome home! You sound all refreshed and ready to put in some serious saddle time. Hope Tiki's down with your plans :) Thank your photographer for us :) He did a good job!

  2. Welcome Back! Sounds like you guys had a great vacation!