Sunday, April 26, 2009

The ride that wasn't

Today was both good and not so good. Got to the barn around 10:30 because I figured everyone would start showing up around noon or so. Wanted to ride Audrey (the filly) before my trail, so I tacked her up and took her down to the arena. She was SOOOO much better today. I let her free longe in the ring before I got on, then once I mounted, gave her plenty of time at the walk to settle in. Trot work was good, she was very responsive. Worked her at the trot for a good 15 minutes before thinking of the canter. When I asked, she was perfect. Held the lead for an entire lap, walked, reversed, then cantered the other way. Again, she was pretty perfect. I quit there. Not a buck in her today, yay!

Groomed Tiki GOOD! I brushed ... brushed ... and brushed. I combed his mane and tail, clipped whiskers and bridle path, applied venice turp to the bottoms of his feet, hooflex to the top ... he was quite the gorgeous boy! Waited around for another hour before anyone showed up. At this point, it was about 2:15. Finally, everyone showed up. I put the saddle on, bridled, then stood around holding him while everyone got their acts together. Kyle rode Maize, the horse Nicole's been riding since she'd taken Guilder to her barn yesterday and jumped him around. Well, we mounted, headed into the back pasture so Joyce could open the gate. We were standing around, and I looked over at Kyle and Maize. Maize reared, came down, then reared again. She went vertical before twisting and falling over. Kyle hit the ground hard, and Maize stepped on her back and leg. None of us moved as Maize galloped off. Finally, Kyle started moaning and it became apparent she was hurt. We all jumped off our horses and ran over to her. She was stunned and sore and bruised, but fine. She got up and walked back down to the barn, and I put Tiki in his stall, untacked him, and we waited on Cowboy Wayne to show up. None of us were getting on her after that display. I left shortly after.
By this time, it was 4:30. My husband is very protective of our time together. He doesn't like it when I spend all day Sunday at the barn because it is literally the ONLY day we have together. I understand it. I enjoy spending time at home on Sunday. It just stinks that the only time I can spend time with everyone is the weekend. Catch 22; everyone has them. Joyce is off tomorrow, so we plan to take our ride tomorrow. At least my horse will look glamorous and beautiful when he's turned out tonight!
I'm just so thankful Kyle's ok. It just serves as a reminder that all of a sudden, out of nowhere, we can get hurt. I'll be extra cautious tomorrow, that's for sure.

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