Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just a silly update!:)

My parents and grandparents came to my son's 7th birthday party today. Since none of them have met my horse, I took them out to the barn to meet Tiki. It was SO funny! I am a freak. NONE of my family at ALL rides or cares for horses. Mom and Dad haven't really been exposed to horses, so they were sort of at a loss as to how to pet him. They were suprised by how expressive he is, and how he does his "whuffle" all the time. Tiki was such a saint. He totally sensed they are complete newbies, and stood outside letting everyone fawn all over him without moving a muscle. He ate treats, and eventually started nipping at my mom's sleeve, looking for more.:) I couldn't stand it. I ran in and got my fleece half pad, threw it on his back, tied up the lead rope to the rings on his halter, and hopped on. He let me trot and even cantered around Joyce's yard while the fam oohed and awwed. I was so proud!

On the sad side, he has his first fungus! Eww! It was on his ear.:( I rubbed on some MTG, and put him back away. My friend Nicole let me try a bridle she doesn't use any more on him, and it fit beautifully, so I'm buying my first bridle in 12 years from her. It helps that it's a great deal;) Will post tomorrow after whatever "real" ride I do.:)


  1. What a good boy he was! Making his momma proud :) I love it when they do that!

  2. I consider any bareback ride a real ride! I consider any w/t/c bareback ride dang impressive. Nice job!