Thursday, February 18, 2010

A decent day, yay!

FINALLY we had a nice day today.:) The last 2 weeks have just been HORRIBLE riding weather, and it has been a struggle to get motivated. Monday through Wednesday was just gross weather; sun, but cold as heck, and awful gusting winds:( Wednesday I forced myself to throw tack on the ponies and walk hills since it was literally freezing. Today, it was FINALLY warm enough that all I had to wear was a T-shirt and a sweatshirt, yay!:) Felt like summer, lol. Managed to find bras that don't rub my fresh art work, and things have healed enough that it didn't hurt to ride:)

After Audrey and Mick, I got on the Squeaky boy. He was a teeny bit fresh, but not bad at all considering it's been Friday since I did anything with him. Flexed into the knee both ways, and put him on a spiraling circle at the trot. Trotted thru 9' cavs, over a pole, and did lots of direction changes. Worked the trot/canter/trot transitions, and they actually felt GREAT:) Cantered thru the cavs, and he stayed nicely consistent. Moved the gymnastic that's been there for weeks, and made a vertical to an oxer quiet 4 stride line. Jumps were low, at 2'6. Trotted into the vertical a few times, then trotted/cantered the line in a 5. That was really good, so came in again. Lazy boy that HATES to trot into jumps pulled the rail, but I didn't care. Cantered into the line, pole first, and the was better:)

Did one of my favorite exercises that involves cantering into a line, cantering a small circle, then jumping out of the line. Did that a few times, then turned it around and came in oxer first, then finished by cantering the line straight one more time. He was great! Got our Regional finals next Saturday, and we're taking Star, Tiki, Britain, and Windsor. 3 Thoroughbreds and a Morgan:) Wish us luck, we have to finish 1st or 2nd to go on the Zones. I KNOW we can do it, all we need is a decent draw for the kids.:)

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