Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun with crayons ...

So my friend Nicole decided to trace clip her horse, and since she actually CARES if her lines are straight, she went and bought some "window" crayons to draw and measure the lines. Well ... they actually show up on a horse's coat! Lol. Tiki was NOT a happy camper to have me drawing on his hindquarters since he's Mr. Sensitive.

Our Saturday IEA show was rescheduled for Sunday, so we had to pull out because we'd already been entered in a show on Sunday. It was 26 degrees Sunday morning, and it had rained on Saturday, but fortunately, the roads were clear. Tiki was solo this time, and it is just amazing how much LIGHTER the trailer is with only one horse. He was a rockstar again. Just babysat the kids while jumping around; never got quick, never put a hoof wrong. He was only in one flat class, and his kid won it.:) Love my pony!

Monday Nicole and I had a lesson with Susan, and it was great. C had said Tiki was pretty backsore after the show Sunday, so I borrowed her Thinline fleece pad to try for the week to see if it helps. If not ... then maybe the whole saddle fit issue will need to be revisited:( I am sure that my saddle fits him well, but the panels really are pretty hard on the underside. Like I've said, though, he really has chunked up, so maybe it isn't as ideal as it was 6 months ago. Wow, this has been a fairly frustrating journey!

Our walk/trot transitions have improved to the point that Susan wants us to now move on to trot/canter transitions. We did a spiral in/out at the trot, and my homework is to work on spiraling at the canter. She says he's carrying himself better all the way around, and now it's time to push him up a notch by working that canter. We did jump through my gymnastics I had set up, and we actually worked on trotting in to it. Once Susan and I got on the same page, it was good, but for a few jumps I did misunderstand what she was asking me to do! Trotted a bounce of 3 cavs, and he was pretty perfect through that. That was it. Lessons with her are usually pretty basic, but they do a great job of kicking my butt and making me be effective.

Gave him Tuesday off, then flatted this morning before the rain. It was a pretty quick ride, and I just worked on clean transitions, and a nice uniform bend in the corners. It will be raining tomorrow, so I plan to hop on Saturday for a little schooling before our final regular season IEA show on Sunday. Again, he'll be going solo, and I'm sure he'll be a rock star again. So, it's been a chilly, wet week, but a pretty good one:)

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