Sunday, February 21, 2010


Again, GA is back to some fairly decent weather.:) Friday was super nice; went up in the ring and just did a light hack, and the Tiki man felt really, really good. Again, day 3 in a row:) Makes all the difference in the world! Yesterday, headed up after lessons with plans for a solo trail ride. Arrived to a little bit of drama ...

One of the boarders had ironically enough decided to solo trail ride as well. Sadly, her horse spooked, and ended up falling over a barbwire fence, and she hurt her arm pretty badly. They had to call in an ambulance to go get her out of the woods!:( Just a bad situation. Fortunately, she "only" had a broken arm, but it's a badly broken arm. Her horse was OK; just serves as a reminder to always be careful and always be alert.

That wasn't enough to dissuade me, though, so Tiki and I headed out to our usual "short" loop. All was uneventful. Our famous water puddle was FULL of water, and after a brief hesitation, a sniff of the water, and a deep breath, IN he went! He even stopped to paw in the middle of it, ha ha! Rode on the buckle until we got to the nice, flat, road part of it. Well ... we cantered/galloped the WHOLE thing! I figure if I'm EVER going to get out on the cross country course, I'd better do a little galloping out in the open. He REALLY wanted to go. BIG time. I kept it REALLY controlled. We'll definitely need a gag/pelham or something when we do go out on a hunter pace or something. He listened well, though, and very obviously enjoyed getting "off the farm" for an hour.

On the way home, I tried to shorten my reins next to the road because a car was coming; like an old schoolie, he put his head down and said, "NO, Mom. I'm fine. Loose is good." Lol. So, today will be off, tomorrow it may rain, and Tuesday we'll be back to it:) Later!


  1. Wonderful! The gallop sounds sweet as! :)

  2. You two have such fun together. Sorry to hear about the boarder, but really you're right, it was a bad scenario. :( Hope the horse is well.