Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well! It's been so long since an update:) And the reason is because ... I haven't ridden Tiki since Regionals! In fact, I haven't RIDDEN since Regionals, yikes! The Monday after, I relaxed at home before cleaning stalls. Tuesday, it snowed AGAIN. Ugh. Then Wednesday I had to hurry and get done so we could leave for Orlando. Had a GREAT time. We stayed at the Bonnet Creek resort inside Disney World, and it is such a beautiful place. I could live there. I took a day and went to Ocala to watch the HITS horseshow. Watched the level 5 jumpers and the high and medium Jr/AO jumpers. Wow. I don't know if Tiki and I will ever get to that level ... not sure I have the guts. He's probably got the talent, but I don't think I do. We'll see where we are in another year.:)

ANYWAY, got home on Sunday, stayed home Monday completely so I could clean and recouperate, held horses for the farrier all day Tuesday, and it rained Wednesday and today. More rain for tomorrow, but I'm going to try and get on. Well, he's supposed to be making his 3' debut in the show ring Sunday ... after a lovely 2 week break. Stay tuned for details on that!

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