Sunday, March 28, 2010

Only one week left!

One week of no stirrups left! Whew! I'm ready to take them back, lol! Friday, had a great ride. I let him 'free longe' because quite frankly, I was too lazy to hook on the longe line. He ran around, bucked, squealed, then stood still. I hopped on, and picked up contact at the walk. He STILL wants to just JIG on contact. I spent a lot of time again at the walk. Worked really hard on spiraling, and leg yielding. By the time I picked up the trot, my legs were TIRED! Trot felt nice. Worked hard on my trot/canter/trot transitions. Did some shallow serpentines at the trot, as well as some spiraling. He felt really nice at the end. Cantered poles and felt pretty good. Today is Sunday, and I am still a little sore, lol! Working this next week once again without stirrups; hoping to get in a little more canter work, and maybe a couple of crossrails. Heck, if I don't push myself a little beyond my comfort zone, I won't accomplish what I'd hoped to accomplish, which is improving my strength and balance, NOT just bruising my nether regions!;) Love my boy, bet he will be SO excited to have me with my stirrups back:)

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  1. No pain, no gain?
    Sounds like you're improving your performance, though I don't envy you the experiance. I have being without stirrups unless I'm bareback lol