Thursday, April 8, 2010

Having a nice week ... :)

Sooo ... Friday was the final day of no stirrups for me! Yay, ha ha. Ended it with a great lesson on Star; was a little sore Saturday, but not fatally so. Monday rolled around, and I had to take my son to meet up with his grandfather so he could spend his Spring Break with the grand parents. Got to the barn, cleaned the stalls, and Nicole came up. We rode our "Ricky Martin" babies together in the ring, then tacked up our actual ponies for a little trail ride. I didn't have to teach because my kidlets were all out of town, so it was nice spending a lot of time grooming my boy again. He's lost pretty much ALL the hair he had, which is SO nice. My friend gave me a Kensington fly sheet, and it's time to put it on him already. It's crazy. The trail was nice; even though Tiki and I can go alone, he prefers having a buddy.

Tuesday, I showed up early, grabbed Audrey first, got her fully tacked up, and got a phone call from a client asking if the lesson was at 11 ... uh, well, yeah, I guess.:( Really, I had only been planning one at 12, but I'm not one to turn down money, so I jumped on the mare, hacked fairly quickly, and scooted on out of there. Boo!

Wednesday, arrived at 8:00 so I could ride before cleaning. Again, did Audrey first, then hopped on the Tiki boy. He was GREAT. Felt amazing. Nice bend, nice rhythm, good attitude; yay! Reset the gymnastics from a week ago with strictly crossrails. They were pretty big, substantial crossrails. Did a bounce to a 1, which was tight, then an easy 2, then the last 2 was a hair long since the crossrails did their job and backed him off the jumps. He was so good that I was able to really focus and work on me; when I focused on staying in my 2-point, the last 2 stride worked out much easier. Gave him a leisurly bath, let him graze for a few hours to fully dry, then headed out to teach.

Today, the rain is washing away a lot of the pollen, YAY, and the ring should be great tomorrow. Will plan to ride tomorrow; not sure what the plan is yet. Guess I'll figure it out once I've tacked him up!:)

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