Thursday, April 29, 2010

A tale of 3 beasties ...

We were all worried I would be even worse today than I was yesterday, but actually, I felt pretty decent. Stayed in bed for awhile and just RELAXED, then got up and headed to the barn. Tacked the princess up with a standing martingale today, and had NO intention of doing ANY groundpoles. She still had a little spook in her today; upon getting to the gate of the ring, she pulled back and yanked the reins out of my hands. This one would be super easy to ruin. All it would take is a little rough treatment, and she would just lose her mind. I was very sweet and encouraging, patted and soothed. W/T/C on the rail. Whenever she caught sight of one of the poles, she actually hit the end of the martingale. Geez. I think she's coming into season, maybe? The old mare certainly is!

Next, rode one I've ridden a few times before. His owner is out of town and working for the next 2 weeks, and he needs to get worked. So; it's me! He is just ... a horse. His head goes so high, he feels like a Walking horse. His owner rides him western, but she has an english saddle for him as well, and that's what I rode him in. He doesn't bend, he doesn't stay consistent, and he likes to do whatever HE wants to do. I'm firm with him, but I don't fight with him, so he has a bit of grudging respect for me. It went well.

I groomed the Tiki man for quite awhile, painted his bare foot with some venice turpentine, tacked him up, then walked hills. He was so perfect. Didn't put a hoof wrong. I love that horse more than words can express. He is so incredibly awesome; I wouldn't trade him for anything. LOVE my boy! Looking forward to riding him next week for real.

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