Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fun with crayons part 2 ...

Finally rode my muffin man. I could tell he hasn't been ring worked in 2 weeks. He felt really stiff and not 100% sound. He got new shoes on Friday, and for some reason, he's always a little ouchy for a few days afterwards:( And plus, his back shoe was off for a week, so I'm not the least surprised he felt a little wonky today. Rode Sedona first, and HE was much better than the other day. We just have to get into a little rhythm; I am TOTALLY different than his owner, but he was a good boy today.

The Tiki man was pretty stiff, and felt about 90% sound. He felt just a little bit short and off. Again, no surprise, so I kept things easy. He was lazy, as usual, and I had forgotten again to put my spurs on:( Nagged him with my leg, smacked him with my hand, and he went on. At the canter, he really leaned in HARD. Cantered a few circles, trotted a few circles, and he started to feel more in the "groove". Trotted a cavaletti, cantered the cavelletti, and that felt great. Ended there for now. Won't ride tomorrow because torrential storms are coming in tonight, and won't ride Tuesday because I'm going with my friend Nicole to the GIHP at Conyers. Plan to ride the remainder of the week. Had planned to go cross country schooling for the first time on Mother's Day, but the friend I was going with broke her ankle yesterday:( Haven't decided yet if I'm going to attempt to borrow a trailer and try to go it alone. Guess I'll see how the weather shapes up for the rest of the week.
Nicole drew a cool "MOM" tattoo on his forearm. Goes along with his "punk" persona!:D


  1. did you draw that tattoo?! I'm wanting to do that on my Laz man!!!!! :)

  2. Wax window crayons! Works GREAT! And they wipe right off, no problem:)