Friday, May 7, 2010

About to cross over to the dark side!

I am so excited I could bust. Sunday Tiki and I are going cross country schooling for the first time, YAY!!!!!!!! Bought a vest, new gloves, and a new foam pad for the tiki boy ... just PRAY that he is as awesome as I think he's going to be. Rode him the other day walking hills, and he still looked a little ouchy. Rode again the next day, and he took a few down right OFF steps:( Got on and worked a little, and he seemed to work out of it. Didn't jump anything; but we did ride the Beginner Novice Test A dressage test. It was FUN! And he was great. I'm not worried about that aspect of our Horse Trial adventure at all. Oh, did I forget to mention? My newest goal (after the Jeff Cook clinic) is to compete in a Beginner Novice horse trial. Not sure when, or where, but it's a goal.:)

Been riding Audrey and Sedona, and it's HARD. Audrey has come into season, and I feel as though she has just regressed to where she was 6 months ago. Spooky, distracted, and jumpy as all get out. Sedona is tough because he is what he is, and his head wants to go WAY up, which makes his back so hollow. He was a good boy today, but was a BUTT walking hills a few days ago. Oh well, his owner will be back Sunday!

Tacked up muffin man today, and I'm pleased to report he looked 100%. Tried out a new foam protective pad for his back, and I'm fairly pleased by the sweat marks. He felt good and happy in it, which is a good thing. Rode him in the front pasture where he hasn't been in AGES and he was SO good, lol. We did trot sets today, and he was happy to be doing something different. He snorted in time to his trotting, ha ha. Will TRY to hop on him tomorrow, but I have to do Sedona and Audrey AND teach for 5 hours, so not sure if I'll get to him. Will report back with lots of pics after Sunday!:)

The pic at the top of this post is Sedona; check out that developed underneck muscle. He literally has his head THAT high most of the time while I'm riding him. Ugh.


  1. My goal, too, this year to compete in a BN horse trial! I totally don't think I am ready to hang with the big guys, but you have to start somewhere, right? Good luck to you. I am not sure where you are in location, but I am in Va...TONS of horse trials here. Good Luck and can't wait to see pics!

  2. Lucky you! Yes, you have TONS of horse trials. I am in GA; most of the eventing stuff is either an hour or so north, or a couple of hours south:( Really nothing local to ME, but we'll see how this barn is we're going to tomorrow. It should only be about an hour away:)