Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's that time of year ...

... where we head out of town for our vacation! So my wonderful readers, know that in just 10 short days, I hopefully will have something to say, haha! It has been a BEAUTIFUL week. Today is was a GREAT temp; still warm, but not horrifyingly hot. My updates are as follows:

Yesterday I invited an old lesson student of mine out to the barn to ride Tiki while I rode Audrey. She hasn't sat on a horse in 7 years, yikes! (yes, she's VERY sore today!) The interesting part is she's only 4 foot and change; she's TINY:) He was so damn cute; he just makes me smile. As I've said before, I get ALMOST as much pleasure watching him as I do riding him. He just makes me so proud; he w/t/c on the rail both ways and was just picture perfect. Took a little bit of advantage and did some corner cutting, but certainly nothing school-horse worthy. Hopped over a cav several times and just took care of my "kid" (she's not a kid anymore!).

Today, decided to RIDE in his pasture. Usually, I just walk hills. Today, I felt like doing some "cross training". Walked up the steep hill, hacked through the "trail" section, then made my way to the relatively flat section that's right by the road. The waist high grass had finally been bush hogged, so it was ... thick up there. He worked hard. I w/t both directions, asking him to use himself and bend, and go straight; just like if we were in the ring. Cantered, and he was so lofty in his canter, I just could. not. sit. his canter, lol. Imagined a dressge ring set up, and rocked our BN dressage test. I imagine if I'd had actual rails with letters it would have been half way decent. The flat top really is still pretty undulating; it's not as flat as the front pasture I used to ride in all the time. I STILL really need to do some bit experimentation, I think. When I work him in a frame in the pasture, he really wants to yank me down and get me to loosen the reins; which is FINE if we're trail riding. NOT if we're working. I have no idea what direction to go in, though. I just can't afford to spend the big bucks on $$ Sprenger/Stubben bits if I don't even know what he likes. Any and all suggestions are always welcome;)

Decided I am going to set up some of my own xc jumps in that pasture. Found an uber tiny railroad crosstie to trot over, and worked on my new found resolve to trot up to an unfamiliar jump with NO looking prep time. He was fine. Wanted to land and GALLOP, though:) AND, that particular "jump" is on a pretty nice grade. Went up and down the hill, and he was good. Saw SEVERAL lovely fallen trees that would make great jumps; just have to clear the junk from around them and make sure the footing is A-ok. Took him over to where there are a few small natural ditches. Uh, yeah, he was so unimpressed he cantered through them until I found one wide enough he actually sort of jumped. Again, he was a little pre-occupied with wanting to gallop:) Marched him over to the pond and asked him to go in. A little stop and snort, so I used my crop and squeezed with the spur. He backed up. Waited patiently, and asked again with my leg and he went in like a big boy. Came out , and repeated 3 more times until no hesitation at ALL. Finally got up in 2-point and let him 'racehorse' gallop for just a second before cooling him out and giving him a nice Vetrolin sponging.

Tomorrow I plan to set a gymnastic. Maybe do 2 strides between every element, I think. There will definitely be an oxer or 2 in there:) Talk to y'all when I get back! I think my pony will enjoy his little well-deserved vacation as well:D


  1. There was ONE! The cavalletti stack jump:) Tiki ROCKED through that gymnastic; it was the hardest he's ever done; jumped the SNOT out of that last jump ... and I only did one stride between each element ... glad me stirrups were tied!;)