Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jeff Cook clinic in T-5 days and counting ...

I'm so excited nervous I can't stand it! Have my first week of summer camp this coming week, so not sure how much riding on my boy I'm going to get. I need at least 3 GOOD flat schools this week. Not really planning to jump; maybe I'll pop over a small single one day, but I want to save his legs for this weekend. Speaking of, thinking maybe I should go ahead and pop my tall boots on and wear them around, haha:)

Rode my boy Friday on the flat, and he worked super hard. I used the Mikmar, and definitely decided to switch back to the waterford for the clinic. He was FINE, but stiff. I could feel he really likes his waterford better, so why mess with what we've been using for almost a year. Plan to go full out jumper garb; T-boots, running martingale, and the figure 8. I'll have to drug him at some point this week and clip his ears and PULL his mane some. I've been just using scissors on it for quite awhile. I at least need to make the effort to pull it a little bit, just to show respect. Also need to switch out my stirrup irons for ones that have regular pads because I've read he doesn't like the black wraparound ones I happen to have. I just hope we learn something, and I don't get yelled at for anything.

The benefit ride was fun yesterday. Got there really early, Tiki and Bob hauled great. Stood tied to the trailer like champs, eating hay and grass and drinking water. After more than an hour, saddled up and rode out. He was dripping sweat 10 minutes into the ride, and he jigged pretty much the entire time. It doesn't bug me because it's comfortable and he doesn't pull on me, but I WOULD like him to just relax and walk. If I'd let him long rein and power walk he probably would have been ok, but he was just leaving Cap and Bob behind; there were about 70 or so horses in our section, and he wanted to keep up with the crowd and get to the front. He actually peed and pooped with me ON him! Why is this momentous? Ive owned him nearly 2 years, and it's the FIRST time he's ever done that, lol. Fun was had by all, and it's definitely something I'd do again. Will update sometime this week, then give a nice, full write-up about the clinic after Sunday:)

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