Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rest of month off

I've made the surprisingly difficult decision to give the Muffin Man/Squeaky boy the rest of this month off. It's certainly not going to HURT him, and with the overwhelming factors in my life right now, will just be easiest. He'll get regular grooming, a few baths, but no saddle for another 10 days:) We'll start back in July with hills and trot sets in the pasture, and bringing back jumping the 2nd week back. Mental health break, for all parties involved.


  1. Looking forward to your return! I had to break down the clinic reading and haven't finished yet, but one day I think you'll be glad you got all that out in type and can come back to re-read it. You had a lot of take aways there!

  2. I'm sure your horse will enjoy some time off, and I guess it will also free up some time and energy on your part!

    Horses certainly love what Parelli calls undemanding time, basically taking 5 minutes here and there to just chill with your horse - of course the horse enjoys this time even more if you've got a couple of treats in the pocket!

    Kerrin Koetsier
    Parelli Central