Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shoe finally back on.

Well ... Monday I got see my sweet boy. Cleaned the (super nasty/disgusting) stalls, and hung in his pasture with him petting on him and stuffing him with treats. He actually came up to me, and didn't try to run away, yay! He was out because all the rain kept him in his stall the night before which is why they were all so disgusting.

Tuesday was a typical farrier day; 5 hours of holding horses. I pulled out Tiki 4th, and he had to go ahead and do a whole new set since he was due in a week. That left hind that he lost really chewed up his foot. It is OBVIOUS that someone stepped on it and yanked it off because all the nails were still in his foot! The entire time he was doing that foot, the farrier was grumbling and muttering "this isn't good". Gee, just what every horse owner wants to hear! He used shoes with clips and nailed it on as tight as he could:)

Yesterday I was super busy with lessons and more filthy stalls, so I didn't attempt to ride anybody; I knew his foot might be a little sore, so I didn't worry about it.

Today I decided to longe. Tried a new bit; a D-ring Mikmar cupreon mouth with a lozenge. He seemed pretty normal in it.:) Did the normal thing with the surcingle and side reins, and he was his usual good self. A little fresh at first; did the buck and squeal, haha. Lots of cross cantering, which he does when he's totally fresh. I'll do a nice flat school tomorrow, and then it's our first hauling out to a trail ride. We've done plenty of trail rides, but never hauled out to an organized one.:) It's going to be huge, so hope it's fun! Leaving super early to get a good parking space. Very excited; will get plenty of pics.

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