Monday, February 21, 2011

Feeling a little more even keel:)

I just want to say thank you to the people that took the time to comment on my blog, and to my friends that approached me with concern. I'm usually pretty much a rock when it comes to stress, but with the drama around my IEA team, and then my husband's blow up right here 2 days before my birthday ... I just erupted. I contemplated deleting the below blog post, but you know what ... I don't think I will.

I know I'm not perfect. Actually TALKED (instead of yelled) at the husband today, and his "issue" is the fact that he didn't HEAR me because he was preoccupied when I mentioned the event earlier in the day, and me spending a whole $42 for a tank of gas when we're only a month away from a *huge* vacation. I knew he probably wouldn't have been a big fan of me driving that far *just* to do "something for nothing", and when he didn't protest, I jumped the gun and e-mailed the lady that I was available. He claims today that he doesn't remember the conversation at ALL. Whatever. I'm not going down there, so the issue is put to bed for now. ANYWAY!

My jump school on Friday was AWESOME:) My friend Nicole took a sick day, and came waltzing up the barn driveway just as I was finishing up shortening Tiki's mane. I hadn't ridden yet, so I took my sweet time while she got the Sparky pony, and then we went up to ride together. Since I'd planned to jump, I was riding in the Beval bit. Made sure he was in front of my leg, did a couple of circles to soften him up, then trotted into the tall crossrail I'd set. As per usual, I got popped up. I can NOT TROT JUMPS, lol. Thank goodness I'd tied my stirrups. I really hadn't jumped a whole bunch lately, especially not at home.

I had a simple exercise set up; a tall crossrail dead center, and more towards the bottom of the ring. 2 inside singles almost even with the crossrail. One was 2', the other was 2'6. Had a 3' vertical on the left hand long side more towards the top of the ring, and a low outside line of a little cavaletti stack jump, 4 strides to the cabinet.

Trotted the tall crossrail until I quit getting left behind. Finally did the "course". Trot x, left hand loop to the 2'6 vert, trot x, right hand loop to 2' vert, canter the 3' vert, then canter the line in a 5. Tiki man likes to build in his courses, which is why I have made the move to the Beval bit. It has just a slight gag action to it, which is PLENTY to get him back to me with just a simple half halt. My first time to the 3', I had my usual butterflies. I sure hope I can get my weenie self up to Novice level. I see the 3', and I just am always like, "yikes! it looks so big!" I'm worse when I haven't DONE it in awhile. And I haven't jumped 3' since the horse trial, at LEAST. Didn't ride that much in November, gave him December off, then January and now February have been bringing him back up to his normal work load, and getting back into the IEA shows.

The silly muffin soothed all my fears though, and jumped the 3' vert BEAUTIFULLY. Soft, rocked back, gave it enough room, but not TOO much. Then totally ran through the line in a lovely 4 1/2 strides, lol. Did the course again, and definitely appreciated the Beval bit when I had to bring him back to a trot right off that super short turn from the 2'6 vert to the x. Cantered up to the 3'vert, saw NOTHING, sat absolutely still, and he sat down and added a step. Rode the line GREAT, said "WHOA" over the cabinet, half halted in the line, and put in a beautiful 5 this time. He just felt great, love my boy.

Will do a nice dressage school tomorrow, and may just treat myself to a lesson with Susan on Wednesday. Thursday will be probably nothing since I have to hold horses for farrier, then Friday I ship over for our IEA Regionals on Saturday. I may try to hack in the field on Friday before heading over to Rising Fawn. Depends on whether or not I'm lazy, lol.

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  1. Hey Jen, Sometimes getting it out just helps to work through the problem. I totally connected with your issue and rants and raves on your husband. I could have written that last post myself at differnt points in time. It can be so frustrating when you work so hard at something you truly love and to have the person who is supposed to be your biggest supporter just sort of not be there for you. It's all about compromise and working hard to make life all work together.

    Hang in there!!!