Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun in the ... almost sun!

Well, pulled the new trailer for the first time today! Thank GOODNESS I hooked it up last night; not only did the spare tire need air, but David had left the truck BONE DRY:( AGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Is my husband NOT aware of the fact that gas stations in Cartersville are NOT open at 5:30 in the morning on a Sunday?? So anyway, filled up the truck, put air in the spare, checked the other 3, then half an hour later pulled back in the driveway.

Star and Tiki loaded up perfect; both of them filthy, haha. Nicole the awesome met me at the barn at o dark thirty to help load her horse/stuff even though she TOTALLY doesn't have to:) The boy was VERY fresh in the smallish covered arena. I didn't get to ride him the last 3 days, so considering that he was quite good. Jumped the course, and I was pleasantly surprised. He didn't look at ANYTHING. Guess he's growing up! I did simple changes, and worked on waiting and staying slow. He did feel a little heavy at times; his IEA bit is NOT his favorite. It works, but it's definitely not perfect for him. He felt great on his first course since Dec. 5th:)

One of my Patchwork kids got him for 2'6. She got a 3rd:) She managed to land EVERY lead, wow! I need to work on that a little more because obviously it's possible!

Trailer pulls like a ROCK! Nice and straight, no squeaking, no swaying, no bouncing ... GREAT purchase:) It was cool enough this morning that I hauled in wool sheets, and warm enough this afternoon that we hauled home naked and with the dutch doors open:)

Got my 6th tattoo yesterday ... a tiki mask! It is SO cool; I really LOVE IT!!!! It is super sore and still swollen today. Cleaning stalls tomorrow won't help it, but I've gottta do what I've gotta do. Probably will look to do a lesson with Janet in the next 2 weeks; she wants to see him now that he's had his hocks done. Joyce says Tiki has been feeling so good, that he is a real BAD boy out in the pasture. Sorry Joyce!

Pics are from today, taken my the dad of one of my Milton team girls. The tiki tattoo is NOT even glorified in this cell phone pic; it wraps about half way up my arm on both sides, and it's impossible to show that in a 2D photo.

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